Club Penguin Brasil was a brazillian AS3 custom CPPS.

Opened in July 2017, based on Club Penguin from 2011 to 2014, with a server exclusively in Brazilian Portuguese. It ran until May 2020 due to the DMCA's server shutdown decree takedown notice by The Walt Disney Company, due to the controversies involved in CPPS community.

But in March 2021, Club Penguin Brasil was reopened with a new logo, using a launcher that needs to be downloaded after Flash Player ended in late December 2020, making the game currently online until April 13 of 2022, where the game was closed.

Mangas, a staff from Club Penguin Brasil, posted a declaration on the official Discord group, stating that it would close in response of Club Penguin Rewritten ultimate closure by Disney:

“Greetings friends,

Usually I write something funny in this text channel, a joke or a creatively made announcement. It has been a few months since I stopped to write a text, but I think this is the time.

On 4/13/2022, three staff members from another non-profit remake of Club Penguin, Club Penguin Rewritten, were arrested by UK police and forced to surrender the project's website for an investigation regarding copyright infringement. If I've made any mistakes in the way I've worded this I apologize, it's been a very difficult few days for the whole team, but you can read more about it here:


The last time we received any information from Disney that indicated that they wanted the end of our project, we shut it down. Caiomag and Giro97, the penguins who played on the Club Penguin Zero Grade server, wanted in 2017 to reunite the Portuguese-speaking community that had been lost to other language servers with the end of the original game. We never intended to go against the Disney Games company or commit any kind of copyright infringement. We thought that since there were other projects, we could make our own, and we kept it that way. When we were asked through a DMCA in 2020, we closed it, and only reopened because it seemed that the notice related to an isolated case of another remake that was closed at the time, and that it was safe and acceptable for us to resume the project.

We don't know why three people who were running another similar project were imprisoned, but we love what we do too much to risk a legal conflict with a company, when our initial dream was solely and exclusively to revive a separate community. We love what we've done, we love the community we've built, but once again, it's time to say goodbye to our childhood dream.


Amanda Silberling

Club Penguin Rewritten shut down by Disney, website seized by Lon...

"Our world is breaking down around us ..." a Reddit user posted this morning in r/ClubPenguinRewritten, documenting how the fan-driven, probably illegal remake of Club Penguin was slowly dwindling before their eyes. Rumors swirled among players, conjecturing about a legal conflict with Di...

Club Penguin Rewritten shut down by Disney, website seized by Lon...

The bright side of all this?

We did it!

Over the two versions of Club Penguin Brasil we've accumulated almost three million accounts created, built a history, brought originality and left our mark on each of you in some way.

We made a lot of mistakes, but we also got it right. We learned, we grew, we had fun, and we suffered a little bit, but we did everything with a lot of love and care, with the resources we had and until the end.

We have always been very strict with the security of our users, we keep our database protected until the end and all files will be completely deleted, as was done the last time we closed this project.

We have not received any official notification from Disney Games or any other related affiliates of the company, but we have lived too long on this project, loved it to the end, and by putting our safety and our team's safety first, we do not want to take the risk of being exposed to any such rigorous action. We never planned to steal content, we just wanted to penguin around the island and make new friends. We are aware that there are and will continue to be as long as they are allowed other projects of this kind, and we hope for their success, but our journey has come to an end, as they all will one day.

We dream of one day creating something of our own. An original project, lovingly made from scratch, small but sincere, and you will surely know if we succeed. But for now, it has been a pleasure to penguin beside you for another year, I'll never forget any of the moments we've lived here, and I'm writing this text with A LOT of PAIN, but with the certainty that it's the right thing to do, we can't put the people who make this project possible at risk.

All the donations made, all the subscriptions and all the ads have been used to keep the servers alive until the end, and those made after the site went down have been returned. I don't know what will happen to this server, or any of our other any of our other networks, our team will decide that little by little, but we are together, we started this together and we are finishing this together. It was very crazy and very magical, and I would LOVE for you to post any memories you built on the island with #ClubPenguinBrasil on your social networks, just so we can relive it together one last time.

The songs I wrote for the game never got to see the island, but I know they would have loved to be a part of it. If you want them, they will remain forever available on Spotify and all digital platforms, and although they were not in the game, they certainly describe how I felt about it in every note of their melodies.


I invite the team to leave their social networks below, so that you (those who want to, can follow the work of each one of us, I will do the same!

One last time, an icy, penguin-like hug!”