Club Penguin Prestiged is an upcoming AS3 CPPS created by SpaceByte it was made with the vision of never being able to shutdown, because it is a downloadable single player remake of Club Penguin. It saves using save codes, and is entirely reprogrammed from the original Club Penguin.

History & Features

The game began development in early may of 2021, and the first official release was on May 17th of the same year. It started off in Alpha Stage because there was not enough rooms completed to consider it an official game.

The download will still be available to be passed around after the website's shutdown if or when it happens, because the file itself isn't hosted on our servers, therefore won't die along with the site, and your saves will still work.

Some core features, like saving, colors, catalogs, and clothing items were added in Alpha versions. Saving, coins, and bean counters being added in Alpha 3, Colors and the early version of the penguin style (Just two colors) added in alpha 4, and the first clothing item (The Party Hat) being added in alpha 5 along with the Player Editor.

Alpha 6 brung many rooms bugfixes, the pink player color, and most important of all, Puffle Roundup, it is the second minigame added to Club Penguin Prestiged and earns 75 coins a round + 10 extra for the first round

On 4/16/22, the adfly download links on the main pages were removed to comply with any rules by disney, and prevent a takedown.


  1. The Game is made in electron and HTML
  2. The loading screen is technically unneeded as every sprite is preloaded when the game starts, however it's just there because of visual bugs and glitches.
  3. The game files survived and were managed to be recovered after the hard drive the game files were stored on died and accidentally wiping the game
  4. The name came from the feature of Prestiging in some video games, where you restart your progress with multipliers and benefits, referencing that the game will be able to be very customizable to the developers considering its entirely remade and some features may be done differently or better