My Club Penguin

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My Club Penguin is an English game created in (AS2) and (AS3) versions custom CPPS.

Created possibly on January 28, 2022, to adapt in HTML5 versions to be run in browsers, making a merge between the years of 2009 and also in 2013, but with some scenarios still in 2006 stages, but that may change as game development progresses. The game is also slightly customized in the designs of some maps and also in your penguin panel.

In March 31, 2022, the game moved out of the beta stage to become fully open to the public. The news in this version is a new map, where it quotes a somewhat scary cemetery showing some CPPS tombstones, one of them is from the original Club Penguin from 2005 to 2017, the two other following scenarios is shows footprints of a crab and a polar bear, and from a cave with a camera, but there is still no access inside the cave. There are very few minigames yet to be developed and some rooms still need to be built. In July 2022, the mountain scenery debuted where a mysterious penguin who is actually Sensei, excavating the site. Puffles also debuted that year, with the news of having Gray Puffles only available in some private versions of CPPS, and also a Trans Puffle, which is the only Puffle that has not yet been programmed for its interactions with penguins.

In August, the stamps also debuted, being able to customize your achievements notebook, already having some stamps available on the map, in addition to they are starting to debut some multiplayer games, such as Sled Racing.

Currently, the game is active, but waiting for the support of your Discord participants to help find the existing bugs in the game.

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