Those that have received a DMCA by Disney

CPPSes that have had one or more DMCAs*: 26 (7 online + 2 returning soon)

Other Club Penguin related games that have had one or more DMCAs**: 2 (Both online)

  1. Club Penguin Rewritten* (Online)
  2. Club Penguin Online* (Closed)
  3. Air Penguin* (Closed)
  4. CP Classic* (Reopened as Isla Nevada, which is online.)
  5.* (Reopened as, which is unplayable due to Flash Player patching.)
  6. Alpha Penguin* (Closed)
  7. Club Herbert* (Closed)
  8. Club Reggie* (Closed)
  9. Club Penguin Brasil* (2 DMCAs) (Reopened)
  10. Super Club Penguin* (Online)
  11. Club Penguin Remastered* (Closed)
  12. uberPenguin* (3 DMCAs) (Reopening soon)
  13. OldCP* (Reopened)
  14. Grand Theft Penguin* (Closed)
  15. Club Penguin Armies: The Game* (Reopened as Club Penguin Armies, which was closed.)
  16. Antique Penguin* (Reopened)
  17. FreePenguin* (Reopening soon)
  18. Aventure Pingouin* (Online)
  19. Penguin Saloon* (Reopened as Blizzard Island, later as CP Universal. Both were closed.)
  20. CP3D** (Reopened)
  21. Club Penguin Beyond* (2 DMCAs) (Online)
  22. CPPSCreator** (2 DMCAs) (Online)
  23. New Club Penguin* (Reopening soon as Isla Nevisca, which is under construction.)
  24. Coastal Freeze* (Reopening soon as Frozen Tundra, which is in beta phase.)
  25. Nostalgia Penguin* (2 DMCAs) (Closed)
  26. Club Penguin Again* (Closed)
  27. CPHistory* (Closed)
  28. Club Penguin Omega* (Reopened as Igloo Bash, which is online.)

Current playable Private Servers (15)

English (In order of popularity)

  1. Club Penguin Rewritten (HTML5 in beta phase) (AS2) (Custom)
  2. New Club Penguin (Downloadable Client from here) (AS3) (Custom)
  3. (Downloadable Client) (AS2) (Custom)
  4. Antique Penguin (Downloadable Client) (AS1) (Custom)
  5. Club Penguin Chapter 2 (HTML5) (AS2) (Custom)
  6. Igloo Bash (Downloadable Client) (AS3) (Custom)
  7. Penglyfe (Downloadable Client) (AS2) (Custom)
  8. OldCP (Downloadable Client) (AS1) (Custom)
  9. Club Penguin Beyond (Downloadable Client) (AS2) (Normal)
  10. Waddle Penguins (Downloadable Client) (AS2 / AS3) (Custom)


  1. Super Club Penguin (Downloadable Client) (AS3) (Custom) (Modern Design)
  2. Isla Nevada (Downloadable Client) (AS1) (Custom)


  1. Club Penguin Brasil (Downloadable Client from here) (AS3) (Custom)


  1. Aventure Pingouin (Downloadable Client) (AS3) (Custom)


  1. CPPS.APP (Downloadable Client) (AS3) (Custom) (CPI Themed) (Membership Based)

Upcoming Private Servers (10)

  1. SubZero (HTML5) (In alpha phase)
  2. Icy Heaven (Portuguese)
  3. Club Penguin Português (Portuguese) (AS2 / AS3) (Custom)
  4. Waddlr (Downloadable Client in beta phase) (AS3) (Custom)
  5. FamShieldCP (Portuguese) (HTML5) (AS3) (Custom)
  6. uberPenguin (HTML5) (Reopening soon)
  7. FreePenguin (HTML5) (Reopening soon)
  8. Club Penguin Prestiged (Downloadable Client in alpha phase from here) (AS3) (Custom)
  9. Club Penguin Galaxy (HTML5) (AS3) (Custom)
  10. Frozen Tundra (Downloadable Client in beta phase) (AS2) (Custom) (Releasing soon on June 18)

Cancelled Private Servers (7)

  1. Classical Penguin (Lack of resources)
  2. Club Penguin City (Lack of resources and no plans for Flash Player End-of-Life)
  3. cp forever (The owner left to put time on a new virtual world called cosmic island)
  4. Artic Breeze (Lack of staff and the owner left to make a virtual world called ducky funky)
  5. Club Penguin Golden (Merged with Club Penguin Galaxy)
  6. Penguin Oasis (Unauthorized development, which used the same name from a CPPS that was closed. Staff members quit due to lack of updates.)
  7. Snowy Fields (Its reopening was cancelled and merged with Coastal Freeze, which was closed at the same time. Both CPPSes were merged to make way for Frozen Tundra development.)

Closed Private Servers (63)

  1. Club Penguin Online (1 DMCA)
  3. Penguin Remix
  4. Air Penguin (1 DMCA)
  5. Pengur
  6. Virtual Penguin
  7. (1 DMCA) (Reopened as
  8. (Affected by Flash Player End-of-Life and later, by its patching)
  9. Penguin Oasis
  10. Flippr (Reopening soon as SubZero, which is in alpha phase.)
  11. Club Penguin Remade
  12. Club Herbert (1 DMCA)
  13. Alpha Penguin (1 DMCA)
  14. Club Penguin Remastered (1 DMCA)
  15. Nostalgia Penguin (2 DMCAs)
  16. Penguin Saloon (1 DMCA) (Reopened as Blizzard Island)
  17. Blizzard Island (Reopened as CP Universal)
  18. CP Universal
  19. Cozy Penguin
  20. Penguin Zone
  21. Club Penguin Offline
  22. Space Penguin
  23. Vintage Penguin
  24. Club Penguin Armies: The Game (1 DMCA) (Reopened as Club Penguin Armies)
  25. Club Penguin Armies (Affected by Flash Player End-of-Life)
  26. Isla Helada (Reopened as Club Penguin World)
  27. Club Penguin World (Closing soon)
  28. Club Penguin Recreation
  29. VIPenguin
  30. RubyCP
  31. UkeléCPPS
  32. Club Penguin Connected
  33. Tundra Penguin
  34. Snowy Island
  35. CP Client (Reopened as Club Penguin HQ)
  36. Club Penguin HQ
  37. CP Classic (1 DMCA) (Reopened as Isla Nevada, which is online.)
  38. Club Penguin Again (1 DMCA)
  39. Grand Theft Penguin (1 DMCA)
  40. Club Reggie (1 DMCA)
  41. Penguin Nation
  42. Waddle Way
  43. Twilight Island
  44. Penguin Amazed
  45. Club Penguin Anew
  46. Penguin Advance
  47. Atlantic Penguin
  48. CPHistory (1 DMCA)
  49. New Club Penguin Unlocked
  50. New Club Penguin (1 DMCA) (Reopening soon as Isla Nevisca, which is under construction.)
  51. #CPR2020
  52. MegaCPPS (Affected by Flash Player End-of-Life and later, by its patching)
  53. Frosty
  54. Club Penguin Imagined (Reopened as Subarctic Island, which was closed. Later as Club Penguin Zero.)
  55. Club Penguin Zero
  56. Freeze Penguin
  57. Fluffy Penguin
  59. Waddle On
  60. iPenguin
  61. Club Penguin Life
  62. Club Penguin Omega (1 DMCA) (Reopened as Igloo Bash, which is online.)
  63. Coastal Freeze (1 DMCA) (Reopening soon as Frozen Tundra, which is in beta phase.)

Other Virtual Worlds / Club Penguin related games

  1. Penguin 3D (3D)
  2. CP3D (3D) (1 DMCA)
  3. Club Mine Penguin (Minecraft Server)
  4. Waddlecraft (Minecraft Server)
  5. Club Penguin Island Forever (Under construction) (CPIPS)
  6. New Club Penguin Island (HTML5) (Under construction) (CPIPS)
  7. Box Critters (Made by Rocketsnail)
  8. Animal Jam (Made by National Geographic)
  9. CPPSCreator (For making CPPSes) (Downloadable Client from here) (2 DMCAs)
  10. Bearwood Park (Under construction)
  11. PolarBearLand (Under construction)
  12. gaver island (HTML5) (Under construction)
  13. Snaildom (Virtual World similar to Club Penguin) (Downloadable Client)
  14. Fox Forest (Under construction)
  15. Isla Nevisca (Spanish) (Under construction)
  16. Polar Island (Unity) (Under construction)
  17. Bears Club World (Under construction)
  18. Subarctic Island (Virtual World using old and custom Club Penguin files) (Reopened as Club Penguin Zero, which was closed.)
  19. Bin Weevils Rewritten (BWPS) (Downloadable Client)
  20. (PPS) (Downloadable Client)
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