Super Club Penguin was a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG, for short) created by a group of Hispanic American independent developers. The game was based on the old online role-playing video game, Club Penguin, having models and inspirations from that same game. Created by Samu in 2013 and re-invented in 2016, little by little the game would grow in popularity until it reached more than half a million mostly Hispanic registered players. The game team is made up mostly of players from the game of yesteryear, Club Penguin, and the administrators were well-known bloggers of the game, including Dan, Leandro and Samu. Felipe Villan, MasterCPPS and Otta also participated in its creation.

It was a virtual world focused on role and social, where players can create their own penguins and play a variety of mini-games scattered on a snow-covered island. Also, monthly, it had various events where a story was integrated into the game or it was simply a holiday with items that you can integrate into the penguin.

It's currently replaced by Super Club Penguin Aftermath 2.

In 2021, one of the game would arrive using a new technology, HTML5 that would open the way to many possibilities, however, the entire game, its characters, its history, its mini-games, etc, would be re-invented, creating its own identity separate from the original 2005 game Club Penguin.


The game had several phases. It was created in 2013 as previously mentioned and was named SuperCPPS. However, this test would not last long since its servers would close in 2014, deleting all its data and losing all its accounts. In 2013, the game was very simple, it had the classic Club Penguin style of previous years, mixed with the recent style called “AS3 Style” that Club Penguin had integrated in those years. On the web, you cannot find much information about its version in 2013, however, there are some images that can be found such as its website or some game rooms, also on the game's YouTube channel you can see some progress of the game. In the same year, however, the information is still scarce, since at that time the game was not well known and there were almost no videos on the YouTube platform nor wikis.

In 2015, a new version of the game would have been created, but now called NeviscaCP, which was modeled after the private servers of Club Penguin at that time, with non-CP transformations (such as transformations inspired by My Little Pony) as transformations originating from Club Penguin original. Also some things like the !ai (command to add game objects) or !jr and the color change, being that some of them were taken to create the concept that is known today of the game.

On October 14, 2016, with the NeviscaCP servers already closed, the almost definitive version of the game was created, called SuperCPPS, as in the 2013 version. This version would begin with the famous Beta Test Party and is the phase that lasts the most of the game. Some things like !ai or !jr returned to the game, working thanks to a character that was named as Bot that already existed in previous versions of the game but was not taken into account. There was an exclusive daily and monthly parties, adding a progressively growing community. In 2017, the game would hit its first boom, the game would become better known for the closure of Club Penguin on March 30, 2017, since, to this close, many would look for a successor to the game, and this would be present, being the unique or one of the few private servers in spanish that existed at that time. On August 26, 2017, the SuperCPPS team said goodbye to the bot, removing some commands such as !jr and !ai, although some commands had been saved such as !au or !tp. The !jr was also added for limited use, as only rooms marked by the same team could be viewed with the !jr, such as the Graveyard or Olaf's room. By the middle of 2018, most of the commands would have been removed except for the !find that was used to find players and the !users, which was used to see the users who were connected in the game. On November 28, 2019, SuperCPPS would close, however, the accounts and their progress would not be deleted as in previous cases, since they were 3 years of progress.

On November 28, 2019, at the end of SuperCPPS, a version of the game was available until December 2, 2019 so people would not get bored waiting for the new phase of the game. It was inspired by one of the alpha versions of Club Penguin, called Penguin Chat, which was a hidden feature on the Super Club Penguin page. There was not much to do, it was 3 rooms, including an igloo with the Penguin Band, and you could talk to people from the game, however, it didn't contain anything special.

On December 2, 2019, the Welcome Party would arrive giving rise to the new and renewed Super Club Penguin, preserving the items, accounts and progress in the game. It didn't feel like a reboot, but rather progress. The name was based on the 2015 CPPS with the same name created by Otta, (Co-Founder of SuperCPPS). However, it would originally be called the Super Penguin, but for unknown reasons, they named it the Club. This brought the remastering of the Sala de Chic@s Cool and the Lighthouse rooms, the Mancala (which was not in the game before), the SnowyOS and a new renewed interface, with new plates and a new design. The game is currently enjoying great popularity, reaching more than a thousand users per day. Although it would have gone through a dark era in 2019-2020, where the servers were almost empty.

On May 14, 2020, Super Club Penguin received a DMCA by Disney due to major events happening in the CPPS community at the time. Therefore, the domain superclubpenguin.com was changed to superpengu.in the next day.

In January 2021, Samu announced a reboot of the game in HTML5, but that he would re-invent everything, the characters, art style, minigames etc. This new technology would increase the possibilities of the game. However, the Flash version of the game would remain intact for a while longer, although this version ended with its Waddle On Party canonically, but then it would follow filler parties just to keep the version alive until the reboot arrived.


  • supercpps.net (infunctional) (2013-2014)
  • neviscacp.cf (infunctional) (2015-2016)
  • supercpps.com (functional) (2016-2019) (2020-Present)
  • superclubpenguin.com (infunctional) (2019-2020)
  • superpengu.in (infunctional) (2020)

Closure and game replacements

Letter about the provider's services had been terminated and the game's files and database were deleted.

The closure of Super Club Penguin unlike SuperCPPS was unforeseen. It was planned to be replaced by Super Penguin in due course; however, on July 7, 2021, due to a problem with the game's server provider, much of the game's database was lost, and the game died long before the game team plans. Obviously, they tried to recover those lost data to continue with the game, however, on July 26, 2021, it wasn't possible, receiving only a financial reward from the provider.

Although the game's story officially ended at the Waddle On Party, there would be a series of non-canon mini-events that would be called Super Club Penguin Aftermath, however, due to what happened with the servers at that time and the loss of base of data, Super Club Penguin Aftermath was forced to be cancelled, the game being replaced by Super Club Penguin Classic.


Language Start date Final date
Spanish (default) October 14, 2016 Still available
English February 24, 2017 Closed
Portuguese May 24, 2019 Closed