Super Club Penguin Classic is the replacement for the Super Club Penguin game until the HTML5 version. Although in theory, Super Club Penguin Aftermath would give continuity to the old game until the arrival of said version, however, it was not until the database was lost (leaving many accounts in limbo) that this kind of temporary reboot while working on Super Penguin.

This version of the game wouldn't bring anything new and would be set in the 2009 Club Penguin (year in which the spanish language was opened in the game) and would bring content from the old game and lost original content from the Super Club Penguin game.

There was a previous version of this called SuperCPPS Classic (an alternative old version of SuperCPPS while it existed) that, unlike this version, had more preparation time, consequently more attention to detail was given.


  • Beta Test Party
  • Music Jam 2021
  • Find: Secret Cave
  • Celebration of Fire
  • The Fair 2021
  • Celebration of Orange Puffle
  • Winter Fiesta
  • 5th Anniversary Party
  • Halloween Party 2021
  • Winter Party
  • Mountain Expedition