Super Penguin

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Super Penguin is the upcoming remaster of Super Club Penguin. That includes that it is not a completely direct follow-up to the original game, it preserves references and inventories, but for the rest, this would change a lot. Starting with that it would be developed with a new graphics engine that would allow playing the game from the website, without having to download it as the old version (although it should be noted that this could also be played from the website, which however, like the graphics engine that was used, Adobe Flash became obsolete, they were forced to switch to this new technology and make a downloadable version with the Flash engine while working on this project). In essence, the game is still an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Video Game), but it adds new functionality, new rooms, new characters, and probably a new system that would replace the stamps, including new mini-games. The game is still inspired by Club Penguin, however, unlike the first game, this one would stray a bit from what it originally did. However, its administrators are still the same 3 ex-Club Penguin bloggers, Leandro, Samu and Danpengui.


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