About Me: I am 19 Years Old, I Live In Wisconsin USA, I Am In College To Be A Front End Web Developer, I Love Cats & Dogs, I Love To Color, Read, Draw, Watch TV And Movies, Swim, Travel, Talk, Play Games On My Laptop Or Board Games,Spend Time With Family Or Friends, Play A Private CPPS Server And Do Puzzles. 

My Job: I Currently work at a Marcus Movie Theater as a Theater Associate I Have Been There Since November 21st And Have Loved Every Minute Of It, I Love All Of My Coworkers & Managers.

Club Penguin's And Private CPPS's I Have Played Over The Years:

1. The Orginial Club Penguin From 2009 -2010( I stopped playing)

2. Club Penguin Rewritten From 2017-March Of 2018

3. Played Penguin Oasis From 2018-2019

4. Now Playing CPPS.io 

Side Note: I am waiting for a private server or Oasis to reopen and I am really hoping that Oasis will have the same features they had before it shut down so fingers crossed

My favorite pages.

  • Private Server List
  • Penguin Oasis
  • Angry101
  • The Club Penguin Private Server Wiki Itself
  • Anything About Any Of The Custom And Private CPPS's