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Ok I'm So Confused Yall because on April 26th I went to log on to Oasis and I saw a Anncoument that said It would be shutting down on April 28th and on April 28th It shut down, Well me and one of my closest friends have been playing ever since Oasis shut down. Well I have been coming on the CPPS Wiki for a while now ever since I started playing Oasis well I decided to make a account on here and I saw that someone or that some people have been editing this page on the CPPS Wiki called "Club Penguin Private Server's List", and it has category's which are 1. Current Playable Private CPPS Server's with a list of private servers that were/are still online, 2. "Upcoming Private Server's, with a list of Upcoming Private Servers and then 3. "Closed Private Server's", with a list of Private Server's that have shut down, and Penguin Oasis was on that list. Then I saw in the comments that a random user had commented and said "Why the hell did Oasis shut down?", and someone called Angry1o1 repiled "it didn't shut down it's just temporarily offline", and I messaged that user and asked him how he knew this and he repiled back to me and said "Because in the annocument it didn't say "Waddle On".Oasis wasn't associated with Disney it was it's own Private Server with its own stuff, and so that's why they didn't say "Waddle On" and I understand that is what other CPPs have said in the past before shutting down but not Oasis. Then today Saturday May 23rd 2020 I looked at the Private Server Lists and I saw that "Penguin Oasis" wasn't on the "Closed Private Server's" list so I'm wondering as to If Oasis is actually just temporaily shut down and coming back?! so if someone could please respond to me with an answer or answers to my question(s) that would be great!

Thanks So Much In Advance Sincerely, Ariel PS: Sorry For The Long Paragraph, I Just Wanted To Explain The Whole Thing

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